Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Days .......


Now that we are over the solstice hump and heading towards those summer days I thought I might put together a couple of posts with material I haven't used in the last few months. In fact it goes back to earlier in the year and reflects those golden months of the year when we have our 'true summer'. that is from February through to April. I thought I would start off with a couple of rides with the Manawatu Classic Motorcycle Club who are a very active group with a growing variety of bikes. It is great to see but it comes with its own problems with relative speed between older and newer bikes becoming greater. Not really a big deal but one to be aware of. Mind you it was great to see the likes of Dave Griffiths usual ride transform from a 1962 Norton Electra 350 to a Kawasaki ZX636R. They are a great bunch of guys with an amazing knowledge base about all sorts of things. Motorcycling and otherwise! One can't help but be impressed with the dedication to the cause and when you sit down with the likes of Phil Pearce who is well into his eighties one can't help but be inspired!
The first ride was in February and followed the Apiti loop with Clive leading the way. Plenty of stops saw the group keep together and at one of these Paul McQuilken appeared on his "regraphiced" KTM 690. He was out doing a reconnaissance for the Backroad Riders group who spend there time exploring the less traveled roads in the region. Paul has a well earned reputation as a great rider due to his road racing career that included best newcomer at the Isle of Man back in the eighties. He really enjoys this style of metal road riding and I am sure he gets to keep his bike skills well honed! The Kimbolton Hotel provided us with a great refreshment spot and a chance to sit around and have a good yarn. One memorable conversation revolved around  the ideal home and the consensus was a very very large garage with a small flat in one corner sleeping and eating activities. The names of those around the table will remain anonymous for obvious reasons!

The second ride was in April and the route for this ride was in a more westerly direction. The ride took us out through Colyton, the back of Feilding with the first stop being at the Stanway Hall. It was here that the discovery was made that we were missing a few of the crew. this was resolved with the decision to head on over to Feilding to our predetermined food and watering hole at Murrays. A great lunch and yarn was had by all!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Warrens GT380 restoration

What a treat for those of us who decided to splish splash our way through our June end of month ride. We can report that Warren's restoration passed with flying colours which included the rain test, the 'will it make it further than 10kms from home' test and 'is it still as cool and as much fun as I remember it' test. The sound of those spannies rasping their way up Valley Road is an aural treat that brings back those heady days from the recent past. Ian, Warren and moi meet at Manawatu Motorcycles with the promise of plenty of liquid sunshine for our ride. We decided on a short run out around Pohangina and back to Ashhurst for refreshments. Our ride out there via Fitzherbert East Road proved to be very damp, but as we pointed our bikes up the Pohangina Valley the weather cleared. Sitting behind Warren as he pushed the 380 along is one those moments when you know you are in Blue Haze Heaven. We retired to the Fusion Cafe and enjoyed a cuppa and a bit to eat outside in a brief moment of sunshine.

An excellent way to spend the morning and I bet Warren is now looking for a nice winding dry road opportunity to check out the ground clearance! If he is I am going to make sure I am in earshot.
See you out there.


PS. Warren said this was originally an L model but it now has an M tank. He has completely rebuilt the motor from the crank up.