Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 Manawatu Classic Motorcycle Show

It doesn't seem like its been four years since the last show! But it has. The Manawatu Blue Haze was well represented alongside fellow VJMC members from Wellington. It was good to see Bruce arrive with his K and L Waterbuses. (We hear a J and and M are on the way as well!). Barry turned up with his treasured MVX250 (check out this bloggers reaction to seeing it) and Kenny Roberts RZ350 with Ross bringing his immaculate Blue H2 to round off the southern contribution. The local contribution consisted of Paul De Lautours H1c, Kim De Lautours RE5, Dions NS400R and KH400, Sir Als A7, Richs mighty T500, Daves CB750, Michaels GSX750 and Ross Andersons GPZ750 Turbo also joined the line up. In the room next door it was good to see Murray Cross had dug out his McIntosh and  GT750R and John McGegg had a really nice Honda XR500. It was great to see the Japanese bikes well represented amongst the VMX and Trials sections of the show. The many other British, American and Italian bikes of all ages made for a wonderful show. Amongst them was Ross Charltons  recently restored Triumph TR6 and he won the best 60s trophy with it. Congratulations Ross. Another congratulation needs to go to Michael for best Japanese at the show with his Suzuki GSX750. It really is better than factory new! Some of us had a second look on Sunday morning after the boot sale and then wandered off for a Track and Saddle ride to round off a great weekend. Our informal get together after the setting up on Friday at the Speights Ale House was short lived as our group was to big for the restaurant. Ian suggested Breakers just up the road and after some scepticism we headed up and were pleasantly surprised.  A good night was had by all. All and all a great show and a big thanks to the Manawatu Classic Motorcycle Club for running such a great show.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ians GSX600

I would like to congratulate Ian on the presentation of his really tidy GSX600. As can be seen from this photo we now know how he does it. He has a very special friend who helps him rub and polish it before and after every ride.
PS If you want to buy the bike, Ian has it for sale on Trademe at the moment. Will be interesting to see how many 'hits' he gets with this approach.
PPS. Feel free to add your thoughts/caption in the comments section below.

Friday, July 25, 2014

2014 Auckland Speedshow

Colin Macdonald from Auckland has just sent through some photos from there latest effort at the Speed Show.
"Hi Guys
Some photos attached of the 2014 Speedshow in Auckland. We had 12 bikes on
display in the main show itself and 4 in a Classic competition. Scored two
prizes for a recently restored Kawasaki KZ900 and a Suzuki GT750L. 
Another excellent show ... heaps of interest from "gentlemen of a certain
age" ... lots of us reliving our misspent youth?
Cheers, Colin"
Another great effort and doing the cause proud! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Winter Solstice Ride

Matariki is a time of year in the Maori calendar that one looks back on the year that has been and looks forward to a new year. We had a good turnout on Sunday for our end of month ride with 11 bikes and riders lining up outside Manawatu Motorcycles. The sunny weather  probably encouraged a few to wheel out the bikes from the garage and they were rewarded with a great morning+ out in our wonderful motorcycle friendly countryside. This bodes well for the new year with a healthy number of fellow enthusiasts wanting to share and enjoy these older bikes. We decided on an easterly direction for our run with the Rongomai loop chosen as our route. We certainly good a good taste of the rural lifestyle not only following a herd of cows for many kays, but also being confronted by a rather grumpy bull who must have escaped his paddock to get in amongst the 'ladies'. He seemed to take a particular dislike to Dion. Not sure why. Maybe he didn't like Yamaha TZRs, or maybe it was Dions new leathers? they might have been a relative? Our stop in Pahiatua was sprinkled with stories of daring and bravery about all the slippery cow 'poo' and facing down a bull in the middle of the road. I wonder what sort of title we could give such a story? Our next stop for a cuppa was greeted with a full house at the Bridge Cafe, so headed through the gorge to the Ashhurst Inn for a very late morning tea which we later called lunch! (Recommended)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bridge Cafe Run

I haven't been out and about much for a while so when some of the lads suggested a quick Track and Saddle run I was in. Luckily it was a great weather if a little chilly, perfect weather for an air cooled two stroke! Pity all my ones are off the road requiring some major attention. Luckily Dion turned up for the run on his TZR to up hold the Blue Haze logo on our t shirts with the only two stroke. Word has it that a number of two strokes will be returning to the road shortly after some maintenance and rebuilding. Looking forward to those special atmospheric conditions that seem to happen when leaving the city limits on the 2Tees! Michael and Ian showed up with a couple of new purchases. Michaels Aprilia is an earlier carburettored version of Alans 650 Pegaso and the two of them swapped bikes on the run. Consensus was that the carb version ran better versus the snatchy nature of Alans EFI version. It was great to see Ian turn up on his latest purchase, a Suzuki GS450S. I had one for a few years and really enjoyed it and they are surprisingly quick. Ian proved this by having no trouble keeping up with alan and Dion over the Saddle road. Prior to this we had a great chat over coffee and scones at the Bridge Cafe sitting in some warm winter sun.
Roll on the next fine winter Sunday!