Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hunterville loop via Mangamako road

Waitangi weekend. What to do? Why not celebrate the day by enjoying this wonderful country of ours by getting out in it. Those who were of a similar mind and had the time and inclination turned up at Manawatu Motorcycles at 9:00am and a quick (for us!) decision was made to head towards Hunterville via Apiti and Ohingaiti and a return around the back roads that parallel SH1, through Halcombe and homeward via Mt Stewart.  The run through to Hunterville was going to be interesting as it was certainly testing the fuel range of the Kawasakis. A small container of petrol was carried along ; just in case! The roll call was:
Alan Rowell and Richard - Suzuki SV1000
Alan Clark - Kawasaki A7
Paul De Lautour - Kawasaki H1b500
Gary Whiting - Yamaha XJ750
Dion Tornquest - Honda NSR400
The run up through Pohangina Valley was its usual curvey and visual feast with the usual caution around unsigned gravel on bends being needed. A brief stop at Umutoi had us heading for Rangiwahia and 15 km of some of the nicest motorcycling road around. With a quick stop at Pembroke corner we then headed west towards Ohingaiti via Mangomaku road. Yet more curves with a great suspension bridge near the end to complete the picture. Definetly a recommened ride! The lads on the Kawasakis were now cautiously optimistic that they would make it to Hunterville on a tank, and with some cautious use of the throttle they did. I know that if I had been on my KH250 I would have probabaly used up all the fumes in my tank by this stage! Our arrival was greeted by a large number of bikes parked around the cafe. Others had obviously had a similar idea to get out and about and we had some great chats with a variety of motorcyclists. I must say that we are a little concerned about Dion as he spent a lot of time looking at the Boulevard Cruisers. He has always liked his bling and he would probabaly enjoy polishing up the acres of chrome and paint on one. Better keep a close eye on his garage!
Another great ride around this great countryside of ours on some old Japanese road bikes. Come on, get out there and make the most of the rest of summer!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pilgrims Rest Return

The last Sunday of January saw the first Club ride of the year. The very blustery but precipitation free morning saw a group of seven meeting at Manawatu Motorcycles ready for a wander around the district. They were
John Rushton - BSA 500
Paul De Lautour - Kawasaki H2750
Dion Tornquist - Kawasaki KH400
Bruce Andrews - Yamaha RT350
Kim De Lautour - Yamaha RZ250
Gavin Foster - Suzuki RG250W (arrived later)
Gary Whiting - Yamaha XJ750
Alan Clark - Kawasaki A7350
 It was great to have John Rushton join us on his 1952 BSA 500 and we all enjoyed checking it out before the run. You can certainly see the lineage of our contemporary adventure bikes and motards let alone the Bobber custom movement! Also good to see Bruce giving his RT an outing after its latest recondition. With only 100kms on a new piston and rings he was very cautious but it seemed like a good day for this running in with a very moderate air temperature. Word came through that a very keen two stroke fan was making his way down from Hawkes Bay to join us on the ride so after a waiting for a while we decided to meet him on our way up to Pilgrims Rest. Gavin and Dion turned up at the Raumai turnoff with Gavin on his lovely Suzuki RG 250W. He trailered it down from Hawkes Bay and parked up at Ashhurst where Dion caught up with him so he could rendezvous with the group.  After watching a full on bicycle race go by we then made our way up the Pohangina valley to enjoy the company of John and Margaret at the Pilgrims Rest. Bruce had phoned through earlier to let them know we were coming and Margaret had the scones and cream ready to go with the coffee and tea. This is one of our favourite destinations and recommended if you want a morning tea with a difference. Where else in the world could you meet a a half blind deer that likes scones and answers to the name of Chicken? After a very pleasant cuppa and a few photos the bikes were pointed south and we made our way back down the valley. A brief stop at Raumai had us saying our farewells as we headed off home. Whilst many have been complaining about a lack of decent summer, those of us with old aircooled two strokes have certainly appreciated the cooler temperatures that these motors like. Lets hope we can get a few more such rides in before we start complaining that its to cold!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Barrys BBQ

This is a short post to share some photos from Barrys BBQ, which this year was held in Masterton on the 21st January. Barry usually puts one at his place at the beginning of the year to get things rolling for the Wellington VJMC members. After some consultation an over nighter at the Masterton camping grounds was decided with Kim, Alan and Don from Palmerston North making the trip down via Rongomai, Alfredton and down Highway 52 to Masterton. Its a great little run that had the lads arriving at around 7:00pm after a 5:30 departure. Barry and his family fired up the BBQ and everyone had a great feed and washed it down with beer, wine and for some the ocassional whiskey. Everyone was in bed by midnight and the morning began with a hearty breakfast of sausages, eggs and toast. The Hawkes Bay lads carried on south to Cape Palliser for some fishing whilst others headed out to Hood Aerodrome to watch an airshow of old world war one aircraft. Alan and Kim made there way home via Highway 52. A good time was had by all. A big thank you to Barry for organising the event. I will let Barry have the last word,
"For those that didn't make it, is was a great time.
Thanks to those who managed to make it."