Thursday, May 25, 2023

A Cobra, Two Widow Makers, a GT and a VX come out for a spin


You can’t beat the intake roar of a Suzuki Cobra as it gulps in air, then mixes some petrol into it, squirts some oil in for good measure then applies a spark. The resultant explosion moves a cacophony of two wheeled metal, paint and chrome down the road often accompanied by a "blue haze". This is much to the appreciation and delight of some might say, a bunch of predominantly sad old men! Not that this author would, but last months end of month ride saw some great examples of late sixties and seventies Japanese classic two stroke road bike’s out and about in their natural environment; on the road. Warrens 68 Suzuki T500 Cobra 500 was accompanied by Paul and Sir Als Kawasaki 750 H2 “Widow Makers” and it is important to remember these bikes are each over 50 years old. Grant had his mighty Suzuki GT 250 A out as well which is also fast approaching its 50th anniversary and rounding out the Japanese classics was Graham on his Suzuki VX800. It was also great to see John join us on his ever reliable classic BMW R60/6 which is also approaching the fifty year mark. With the value of these bikes appreciating to giddy heights, it is wonderful to see them being used and shared. 

Along for a run were a range of support crew on a variety of bikes. As always, the route for our run was decided on the day and it was Warren on the oldest bike who suggested a run around the Santoft loop and back to Halcombe and the Rusty Radiator for a cuppa and a pie. A top up at Bulls for the thirsty two strokes was agreed upon and we were soon on our way. With Warren in the lead we made our way up State Highway Three and he had little trouble keeping up with the traffic. After topping up at Bulls we headed off on our loop and we all enjoyed its mix of tight and open corners and that soft rolling countryside that is probably the reason there are two golf courses along the way! 

The run into Halcombe had us meandering past the outskirts of Marton and parking up outside the Rusty Radiator with parched mouths and rumbling tums. It was great to see the pie cabinet fully stocked and in no time the troops were enjoying the caffeine, pies and other treats! All to soon it was time to head back into town and as I videoed and photographed these wonderful classic bikes disappearing off down the road those sights and sounds will definitely linger until at least ..... next months ride! See you then.

Roll call
Warren - Suzuki T500 Cobra
Paul D - Kawasaki 750 H2
Sir Al - Kawasaki 750 H2
Grant - Suzuki GT250 A
John - BMW R60/6
Graham - Suzuki VX800
Paul - Moto Guzzi V85 TT 
Dave R - Moto Guzzi 850 V7 Special
Gary A - BMW F650GS
Ray - Triumph Bud Ekins Bonneville T100 Special
Errol - Royal Enfield 650
Gary W - Suzuki GSR750

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

March EoMR: Five go mad in Foxton

 A big thank you to Warren for the write up and photos from the EoMR for March. Some of us were 'Captain Raros' and avoided the possibility of rain! On with the tale......

Sunday morning saw some dark looking clouds threaten the motorcycling Five and their adventure for the day. Uncle Quentin was doing mysterious and secret stuff so Julian, Dick, George, Ann and Timmy met at Memorial Park and hatched a plan to sneak out for a ride (Please note that false names have been used to protect the actual Five who were Gary, Max, Stuart, Rodger and Warren). 

The Five headed to Foxton on their nicknamed bikes - BMW leading the way followed by RZ ,Guzzi , GT and TS.  The air was thick with greenhouse gas enhancing smoke as the Five weaved their way to Foxton via the back roads watching out for suspicious characters who could be out to ruin their adventure.  Arriving in Foxton , the Five visited a shady looking building named Sammys to partake in meat pies and lashings of Ginger Beer. Whilst there, some dodgy characters with grey beards and travelling in Ford Thunderbirds surrounded Sammys but luckily the Five snuck out without incident -jolly good show.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

February End of Month Ride


We had a great little run for our February EoMR with Grant and Warren rolling out there Suzuki 250s for the occasion. Whilst both are performance two strokes from their day, the technology is very different, with, as you would expect, very different outcomes. Try 28 - 32 bhp versus 55 bhp let alone the improvements in chassis and running gear. Rounding out the two strokes was Stuarts 1972 Suzuki GT750 in all its ray gun glory. Roger brought out his little Moto Guzzi V 35 Imola II and Rich his trusty Vstrom and yours truely on the GSR750. A trip down to the metropolis of Shannon was agreed upon with our route having us heading out to Ashhurst for the first part and then to Aokautere, Tokomaru and down to Shannon. Grant had little trouble on his 250 keeping up with the traffic with plenty of use being made of the gearbox and the throttle. 

The Horseman's Cafe was a busy place and when we pulled up some of the Classic Club lads were leaving on there way down to Southwards Museum for the Shiny Side Up Bike Fest. Amongst the bikes were a couple of 'big block' Suzukis with a GSX1100 from the eighties and a Yoshimura GS1200SS from the early 2000's sounding very yummy with there 4 into ones. After a great feed and plenty of car and bike spotting, a westward route home was chosen via the Shannon Foxton Road and then through Rangiotu and to Palmy. 

Another great run and looking forward to our next end of month ride in March.

Friday, March 10, 2023

Two Stroke Heaven

 Sir Al and Rich have recently upped their saddle time with a trip up to Hampton Downs to to soak up some classic two stroke racing bike ambience. The occasion was the Star Insure MotoFest with its Legend Garage. Amongst the legends was our very own Alan De Lautour with his Pat Hennen Suzuki RG500 amongst a wonderful lineup of rather special strokers. From a Buckley through to a bevy Yamaha TZs and a contemporary Suter thrown in for good measure! Of course there was plenty of other interesting machinery like the occasional Britten or two and someone called Graham Crosby in there somewhere as well. The racing was also rather interesting (apparently)with some close racing all round. I will let Sir Al's photos and videos tell some of the story.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Out Numbered by Classics!

Our January end month run saw eight of us line up for our ride. This was in spite of a rather unfavourable weather forecast that predicted some precipitation. However those of us who relied on the L.A.T.S.  method, (look at the sky) of forecasting thought we had a better than even chance of not being rained on that morning, and so it proved to be. We decided on the Makino Road loop and then come back into Feilding through Halcombe to the Rosebowl for a cup of tea. The entourage left Memorial Park under a rainless sky and we headed off down Napier Road and made our way around the Makino loop and then onto our final destination. Not a drop all the way around. Thanks to the lads who brought out there classics for the run and it was great to hear that wonderful two stroke burble! 

Roll call

Stuart - Suzuki GT750J 
Max - Yamaha RZ250 (Great to see it out after a refurb)
Ross - Kawasaki 400 S3
John - BSA B34?
Warren - Suzuki T20
Rich - Suzuki 650 Vstrom
Bruce - Suzuki SV650
Gazza - Suzuki GSR750