Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One very fast Benelli 2c

Although the Japanese dominated the two stroke scene in the seventies a number of European brands made there way to New Zealand. The Benelli 2c was one of the better known bikes from that time and it was great to see two of these at the New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register ( round at Manfeild in August. 159 is being ridden by Terri Prangnall who at this stage is leading the 250 Post Classic class and the other one had some issues that kept it off the track.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blue Haze / VJMC run 23/08/09

From Blue Haze/VJMC run 23/08/09
From Blue Haze/VJMC run 23/08/09

This is a run we did over the Pahiatua track and the Saddle Road finishing up at the Ashurst Domain Cafe. Dione had his daily workout starting the KR 250. Bikes on the run were Paul de Latour on his Kawasaki H1b, Kim de Latour on his Kawasaki H2a, Allan on his Suzuki TS 250, Dione on his Kawasaki KR250, Paul Whiting on a Kawasaki KH250 and myself on a Yamaha XJ750

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nice Yamaha RZV 500R and Honda CBX 1000

From Motorcycles

Spent a little time today at the Vic Motorcycle Club day at Manfeild. Some great racing with good numbers in all the races. Some interesting bikes in the Post Classic class including this Yamaha RZV 500R. Nicely presented. A spectator turned up on this immaculate CBX 1000. Love that motor!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Welcome to the Blue Haze!

This is going to be an occasional blog about motorcycles, and mostly 2 strokes. Like a growing number of 45+ blokes and ladies, I am now revisiting the vehicles from my youth. They happened to be a long line of 2 strokes from all the Japanese manufacturers and it wasn't until the early eighties that I got my first four stroke. I am a member of a small but very active group of like minded enthusiasts living in Palmeston North, New Zealand. We are also the local chapter of the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club and go for at least one run a month around the motorcycle friendly Manawatu countryside. Most members run 2 strokes but everyone is welcome. Between our group all the brands are represented, but the dominant one is definitely Kawasaki.
You are more than welcome to come along and join us. We usually go for a run on the last sunday of the month and leave from Manawatu Motorcycles at 32 Andrew Young St at around 10am. Paul and Kim de Latour at Manawatu Motorcycles can give you more details.
Phone 06 357 7216.