Thursday, July 28, 2011

Question time # 01 Updated!

What is this and what bike is it off?
All answers to

From some of the responses I have received so far it looks like more assistance is needed for this. The down side to this is that the prize for guessing this is going to progressively shrink from a chocolate fish to a chocolate raisin. This is the next clue to takes it to a small chocolate fish.

Congratulations to Alan Clark for being the first to come up with the correct answer. This is part of the infamous CDI unit from a Kawasaki 500H1 that according to legend interfered with TV reception for a radius of half a mile. If your TV reception is playing up, Paul De Lautour is probably out on his H1!   

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two Strokes to Tui

Its about this time of the year we look back to summer with great fondness as we pile on the thermals and zip the liners back into our jackets and leggings. I was looking for some photos the other day and came across some I hadn't put up from February this year. They definetly gave one some "warm fuzzies" with all that sunshine, tee shirts and beer! This was a little jaunt a few of the troops went on and as the tittle of the blog suggests it was all two strokes. Not a four stroke anywhere. This is becoming a rare occurence on our runs and another reminder of how times have changed. The photos are also a reminder of Dons hip replacement surgery at the time and his remarkable recovery that has him wandering around North America yet again. Go Don!

Roll call
Paul De Lautour - Kawasaki 500 H1b
Kim De Lautour - Yamaha RZ250
Bruce Andrews - Yamaha RZ/RD350
Alan Clark - Kawasaki H2750
Gary Whiting - Suzuki T500II
Dion Tornquist - Kawasaki KH400

 Rug up everyone as the weather forecast looks a bit grim for this weekend or better still get out to the garage and do some work on your bike/s ready for next fine day!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Deals Gap 2011

For all you two stroke fans out there, here is something you might like to add to your bucket list! The Deals Gap two stroke meet sounds like the place to be at the end of May in the states.  These guys and gals do this for a whole week! What about doing a similar thing here in good old NZ? Check out this forum for some photos from the the latest meet.