Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gumboot Rally 2014

Here are a few of Sir Als photos from last weekends Gumboot Rally.
"Kim & Rich & I met up with Barry, Bruce, and John (?) at Dion's, and then took them up via Pohangina, Apiti, Rangiwahia, and onto SH1 at Mangaweka. The 3 of us left to come home about 6pm and came back via Vinegar Hill."

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Classics @ Manfield November 2014

RG500 from on Vimeo.
RG500 from on Vimeo.

The first weekend of November saw a few of the lads make there way over to Manfield to watch and hear the wonderful sounds of classics making there way around the race track. After taking the long way to Manfield via Colyton and It was good to see so many bikes out after the Barry Sheene classic meet at Hampton Downs the previous weekend. Of particular interest to us in the Blue Haze were the Post Classic bikes and two strokes among them. Alan De Lautour was showing the flag with his beautifully prepared RG 500 Mk1 and great to see Tony McQueen out on his now purple H2. Hard to beat that wonderful expansion chamber crackle. This is not to detract from the other bikes doing the business on the day. There was a great mixture of mainly European marques with Nortons and Triumphs making up he largest numbers. Its wonderful to see this celebration of motor sport heritage.