Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where is Don?

From Blogger Pictures
I couldn't resist putting up this photo from Dons latest travel blog. It looks as though he is a closet Trekkie fan and this goes along way to explaining some of his colour choices for his riding attire.
From Blogger Pictures
If you have the chance pop on over to his blog for his latest posting on his trip to Labrador in Canada. Always a great read.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue Haze Planking

From Kawasaki KR150
If you have been wondering where the planking phenomenen came from, wonder no more. As would be expected it was some one who has blue haze running through there veins. Now we know another reason why Geoff has a KR150. It appears to be the ideal platform for this activity. All he needs is the custom paint job!
If you want to read more about Geoffs bike, pop on over to the latest featured bike at the Blue Haze website.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Suzuki X5 to Massey

From X5 to Massey

From X5 to Massey
This is what a life time of breathing in two-stroke fumes does to you. As far as I know they are still waiting!

From X5 to Massey

From X5 to Massey

The weather people have been talking about the record warm temperatures last month with some extraordinary numbers like 27 degrees coming from the West coast of the South Island. Yesterday the warm temperature in the Manawatu had us reaching for or bike keys and heading for the windy bits that aren't to far away from us. So it was off to the petrol station and down to meet at Manawatu Motorcycles on the XJ 750 to be greeted by a line up of two strokes and a rotary. Dion tuned up on his recently acquired Suzuki X5 and we were all interested to see how it would manage the open road. Unfortunately he made it no further than Massey University with it cutting out on a regular basis so he very reluctantly returned home. The trip over the Pahiatua track was cautious with damp corners and cyclists but with Don taking the lead he set brisk pace that had us in Pahiatua in no time. It was here that Paul discovered the reason for the GT750 sounding different. A baffle had gone missing and after a very brief discussion about retracing our steps to find it it was felt it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, so we pressed on to Tui Central at Managatainoka. Don offered me a ride on his recently restored Suzuki GT500 and what a revelation it was. I had thought the difference between my 1969 T500 wouldn't amount to much, but how wrong I was. It was a totally refined version of it with much better brakes of course but also an absolutely delightful motor that pulled from way down low. The vibes were still there, but no where near as harsh. It has definitely inspired me to sort the old girl out! Thanks Don.
Mangatainoka was a great place to stop with plenty of people around, good food and as always an opportunity to make up a Tui billboard. Hard on the heels of getting the 'Oh Shit' trophy for nearly rear ending Alan De Lautour and his RG500, Dions fettling of his latest purchase provided the material for the billboard. With tummies full and billboard completed we headed of for the Saddle road to complete our afternoon out. I decided to take some video of the troops making there way up and what a glorious sound it was with the motors working hard as they wound there way towards the top. Although it was a shortish ride, it was great way to celebrate Mrs Windsors birthday!
Roll call
Don Mardel - Suzuki GT500
Alan De Lautour - Suzuki RE5
Kim De Lautour - Yamaha RZ250
Paul De Lautour - Suzuki GT750
Dion Tornquist - Suzuki X5
Alan Clark - Kawasaki A7b
Gary Whiting Yamaha XJ750