Saturday, February 4, 2012

Barrys BBQ

This is a short post to share some photos from Barrys BBQ, which this year was held in Masterton on the 21st January. Barry usually puts one at his place at the beginning of the year to get things rolling for the Wellington VJMC members. After some consultation an over nighter at the Masterton camping grounds was decided with Kim, Alan and Don from Palmerston North making the trip down via Rongomai, Alfredton and down Highway 52 to Masterton. Its a great little run that had the lads arriving at around 7:00pm after a 5:30 departure. Barry and his family fired up the BBQ and everyone had a great feed and washed it down with beer, wine and for some the ocassional whiskey. Everyone was in bed by midnight and the morning began with a hearty breakfast of sausages, eggs and toast. The Hawkes Bay lads carried on south to Cape Palliser for some fishing whilst others headed out to Hood Aerodrome to watch an airshow of old world war one aircraft. Alan and Kim made there way home via Highway 52. A good time was had by all. A big thank you to Barry for organising the event. I will let Barry have the last word,
"For those that didn't make it, is was a great time.
Thanks to those who managed to make it."

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