Monday, May 2, 2011

Caption Competition results

There has been a great response to the caption competition and I will run another one soon. The judges had quite a task chosing the prize winners as they munched there way through generous portions of bacon and egg pie at a cafe in Hunterville on Sunday. In fact the task was so intense for some they required two coffees to complete the judging.
Unfortunetly the prizes are currently unavailable. One of our generous members (Rusty) was going to donate them from his secret lockup out in the country near Kimblton. He has kept it so secret he hasn't been there for at least 10 20 years to make sure no one followed him to take his valuable collection of 70s Japanese bikes. He was getting ready to visit this sacred sight to collect the prizes and decided to consult google maps to check the route and to his horror he discoverd on the satellite overlay that the shed had disappeared. Consolling the member with amber fluids at the Rose and Crown went a little way to easing some of his pain. However all is not lost and the winners can still collect their prizes by accompanying the member to the Kimbolton tip to assist with an archelogical dig to retrieve not only their prizes, but also the rest of this important collection of bikes to add to our motorcycle heritage.

From Pilgrims Rest return

The lucky winners are:

1st Richard Kerr: "Bloody 2 strokes, its not even running and you can still see the level going down."

2nd Ken Jenkins: “Cut the legal jargon Bruce, to fill this baby up again do I really have to prove I have substantial carbon credits.”

3rd David Genday: "That’s where the money goes"

Just to finish off I have made a "Wordle" that highlights the most frequent words used in your captions.

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