Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tool Kit in a Bottle

Whats with the lawn mower Dion?
Three generations of twostrokes
Just needs a Kenny Roberts signature 
Always a nice little stop
Time for a cuppa
Labour Day looked like a good opportunity to head out for a ride around the district. With many of the troops off doing other activities over the long weekend a hardy bunch of four of us lined up at Manawatu Motorcycles. And hardy we needed to be with a gathering wind strength and chill factor we headed out towards Pohongina for our first stop and then back through the flowing curves to Colyton. The T500 was in its element with its long and low profile sweeping through the corners and looking in the rear vision mirrors, the usual smokey accompanyment wasn't visible. Hopefully the addition of some Wynnes Engine Oil Stop Leak might delay replacement of the crank seals. Alan on his trusty A7 was giving his new Hagon shocks a workout whilst Bruce was seeing if his now completed paint job on the RZ made his bike go faster. Geoff on the KR150 was enjoying the sights and sounds of old two strokes as he continued to impress with the performance of 150ccs of recent two stroke technology.  After skirting around the back of Feilding to our next stop at Stanway the conversation was around "Where did Spring go?"and the cooling temperature had us looking for a hot cuppa. We made our way through Halcombe and back to Feilding a cafe. We had one unintended stop before we arrived with my side cover flapping around in the breeze and minus the knob. Nothing like the old T500 vibes for unscrewing things. Luckily I have a spare at home that I picked up from the local Suzuki dealer for a whole $12 (ex Japan!) Geoff carried on home and we joined a growing number of locals refueling after the previous nights rugby revelry. It was a great little ride and a nice reminder about all the great roads we have close by. The only downside to the ride is the tool kit in a bottle sort of worked, but not enough to avoid the motor coming out of the T500. Time to roll my sleeves up!

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