Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hondas nearly outnumber Kawasakis!

Our end of month ride was notable for a number of reasons. The day began with nearly a frost but with the promise of a wonderful sunny day. Manawatu Motorcycles saw the arrival of a range of motorcycles. The plan was to go for a run around the back of Pahiatua and Woodville and come back over the track and down to Shannon to meet up with the Classic lads from the Manawatu and Wellington. As happens  with anything older one of the fleet decided to break down by leaking petrol through its fuel tap. It was a shame as we were keen to see how Johns recently acquired Yamaha R5 would run but John made the call to replace his lightweight Yamaha with his 'not light' Honda GL 1000. The role call was
John McKeagg - Yamaha R5/Honda GL 1000,
Paul De Lautour -  Kawasaki 500 H1b
Kim De Lautour - Suzuki RE5
Dion Tornquist - Honda NSR 400
Dave Henwood - Honda XL500s
Bruce Andrews - BMW GS650
Alan Clark - Kawasaki 750 H1
Paul Clemoes - Kawasaki 400 S3a
Richard Kerr - Suzuki T500
Gary Whiting - Yamaha XJ750
Our first port of call was at the top of the Pahiatua track and with everyone accounted for we headed off down the other side for a quick stop at Pahiatua and then on to Mangatainoka. It was from here that we headed off around the back roads that brought us out just north of Woodville. Time was running out to catch the classic lads so another quick stop in Woodville had us on our way back over the track via the Ballance bridge. After  skirting around Palmy via Old west road we caught the convoy of classics just south of Tokomaru. A decision was made not to chase them as everyone was hanging out for a cuppa and we ducked off down a side road to the Horse Shoe Bend Cafe. We hadn't been there for some time and its location on top of a very high bluff looking up into the Tararua Ranges made for a very pleasant cup of tea. From here we headed back into town and dispersed with Dave making his way back over the track for the fourth time in a day and heading back to Masterton. Richard and I decided to try and catch the Classic lads at Ashhurst only to see them disappearing up the road.
Next time.
It was a great way to spend part of a Sunday. With the days getting longer and the daffodils beginning to emerge out of the ground one definitely feels more encouraged to get out and about. Winter hibernation time is over so come on out for a ride. We would love to see you
Roll on spring and summer!

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