Saturday, September 15, 2012

Out and About with Al and Brucie

Just got this email from Sir Al re a wander he and Bruce went on around the back blocks of the Rangitikei district.

"Gazza, check out the pic. Bruce & I went for a ride up Turakina Valley Road from Hunterville yesterday. Almost got to Collier's Junction, but a slip made the road impassable. Re-traced steps and ended up at Taihape for a late lunch. Then down to Mangaweka and through to Rangiwahia. We enjoyed sunshine, rain, and sleet during the day, and finally snow climbing out of Rangi which lasted until the decent into Kimbolton.

We are certainly blessed as motorcyclists living in the Manawatu!"

The photo he sent illustrated the conditions and after I asked for some more for the blog and he sent these through.

One of these photos looked very suspicious. 

 Any ideas for a caption?

Here are some captions sent in so far.

"Notice how the giant claws of the Apriliasaurus is about to devour the unsuspecting fully grown Kiwi lawyer" Kim

"Al, get outa there. a bit of snow never hurt anyone" Kim

"Chocolate Lab pup bones, size nine dive boots, cartridge cases - its amazing what you find!" Kim

"The feckin Leprechaun's got out of the topbox!" Al

“It’s much bigger than my wife’s handbag but I can only fit a fraction of the stuff in here.” Judy.

"If you are not riding a Blue Haze classic vintage motorcycle and don't want to be seen, as exhibited by the motorcycle in the fore-ground, you can press button "A" on these modern motorcycles and "presto" you can be shrunk to size to fit your motor cycle carry bag as being demonstrated with the motorcycle in the background." Ken

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