Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5 Brave Souls Risk the Rain and get Sunshine

As I was unable to attend the end of month ride Sir Al has kindly provided a report.

Which way?

A stop at Turakina

Tidy original XT
RG in tourer mode

There's nothing like a J-bus

Another Suzuki triple


Big bore 300 KR engine

Waiting for Kai at the Red Lion

Sunday 26th May was our VJMC / Blue Haze end of month ride. The sky looked threatening, but 5 hardy types (and me) turned out at Manawatu Motorcycles at 10am. Rich riding his faithful T500, Kim on the H2A, Paul on the J-bus, Dion on his RG, and Brian on the Yamaha XT600 trail bike. I was odd man out on the modern.

We decided to head west and Dion organised a visit to Wayne M's collection of bikes in Whanganui. A good decision as we enjoyed a pleasant day's ride under mostly blue skies. We took as many back roads as possible there and back. Wayne's collection of restored, part-restored, original, and un-restored bikes was interesting, particularly the Lucky Strike Yamaha RZ500LC, and a collection of Kawasaki KR 250 tandem twins in varying states. These very trick machines hold a special interest for Dion as he's spent many happy hours scratching around the back roads on a KR, and of course many more trying to start one! He climbed on and gave it a few kicks for old-times sake. There were KX 250 and 420 motorcrossers, and a KX being turned into a track bike. For something different a rare 3 cyl 2-stroke Suzuki car. These may have been called a Fronte (?), and have the air-cooled triple rear mounted with a fan driven off one end of the engine and shrouded to blow air over the engine. Wayne has Banshee snail chambers which will be adapted to fit the little car. Should be interesting.
We left Wayne's around 1.30 and headed to the Red Lion pub for refreshments before returning to Palmerston North. An interesting day out for all, and Wayne is keen to bring the RZ500 out on some of our rides in the future.

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