Saturday, June 29, 2013

I see red, I see red, I see red!

Those of us of a certain level of 'maturity' remember a great kiwi band called Split Enz. One of there signature songs we new well and would sing along to with a DB draught in hand was I See Red. It was this song that came to mind when lining up for a ride last weekend we had some new bikes appear and a new face. It was great to welcome Ian Brayshaw to the fold on his lovely red Suzuki GSX600F. He is returning to motorcycling after a decade or so of mortgages, family and running a business. A familiar story to many! Bruce Sagger appeared on his latest purchase, a very bright red Honda VFR 750. These bikes are proving to be very popular amongst our members with three joining the fleet in the last six months. The third red bike was Dions recently acquired Marlboro Yamaha TZR 250 a bike he has been after for a while now.  It was a good turnout considering the dreadful weather we had the day and week before with seven of us gathering at Manawatu Motorcycles. Paul on his GT750, Kim on his H2, Alan on his trusty A7 and yours truly on the XJ. We decided on a shorter run towards some sunshine near the sea through Shannon with Foxton being our final destination. The run through to Shannon was very foggy with many thankful for wearing their polyprops and many layers under their jackets. After a brief stop at Shannon we eventually popped out into some beautiful winter sunshine just short of Foxton. We definitely lingered at the cafe next to the windmill soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the horse drawn tram clip clopping around its circuit. The ride home through Himatangi was a nice cruise in the sunshine soaking up a bit more Vitamin D.

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  1. Great post Gary, thanks for the mention :)

    I had a ball, great bunch of guys and loving been back on 2 wheels.

    20+ years since owning a bike, not that thinking of them was ever far from mind, so glad I didn't leave it any later. Looking forward to today's ride and meeting more new faces :)

    Cheers, Ian