Monday, August 19, 2013

Aprilia RS250. The Last of the Blue Haze Sports Bikes

The weather at this time of the year is a bit hit and miss if you are after appropriate riding conditions. For our July ride we struck a relatively warm and sunny day and we were also fortunate to have along for the run a couple of new people on their modern bikes. Kenny turned up on his very green BMW and John brought along his Aprilia RS250. This had the likes of Dion swooning all over it as he knows all to well that it was the last of the two stroke sports bikes. John has had it for half a year and he has been thoroughly enjoying it. It truly is a work of art and one that some people might like as a centrepiece in the living room! Also along for the ride was Rich on the mighty T500, Kim on his H2, Brian on his Yamaha XT600, Ian on his GSX 600, Paul was taking his H1b out for a spin, as was Dion on his KH400 and yours truly on the XJ. A wander up to Hunterville was the chosen destination and as we exited the city via Railway Road the haze at the city limits was probably mistaken for the passing of a steam train. We then proceeded through Feilding and headed up Makino road to our first stop at the top of Cheltenham hill. After videoing the departure I had to really give the old Yamaha a bit of a work out to catch up with the crew and we eventually arrived at our destination and decided to visit the local Motorcycle museum located in what used to be a bank. There was an interesting variety of machines to look over whilst waiting for our cuppa. Our return journey home was via the back roads that run parallel to State highway one. I decided to have my first play with the Gopro the family gave me for my birthday and I am looking forward to having a bit of fun with it on our rides. As can be seen from he video the roads we prefer to take are the back roads, and the more corners the better. After rejoining the main drag we ended up bidding farewell to the Feilding lads at Halcombe and headed towards our final stop at Mount Stewart. With a quick debrief from our ride we headed home with a wonderful dose of the sights, sounds and sensations unique to motorcycling.
Roll on spring for more of the same!

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  1. Was a great ride, you did well with the video Gazza :)

    That was my first trip to Hunterville with the guys, I see why it's a popular round trip.
    Looking forward to this Sunday's ride, c u all there, Ian