Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ian Turns Up Naked!

Its been a little while since a post went up. This isn't due to a lack of activity with most weekends seeing a group heading out into the countryside. A big thanks to Ian for these photos from a couple of rides.
Despite not having the fairings on his bike Ian couldn't resist heading out naked on his GSX600 for a run over to Rongomai a couple of weekends ago. The run finished off at Manfield with some post classic and classic bike racing. Last weekend saw the group head up to Rangiwahia and once again finish up at Manfield for the Tri series. This wasn't before a few technical problems along the way with electrics and chains not cooperating for some. It ended up being a long day for some having to retrace their tracks up to Rangiwahia to collect their bike! All part of the fun.
Nice to see some new bikes and riders. Michael turned up with his immaculate GSX750 along with Dave on his GSX1100. Can still remember Holden and the Hiscocks riding these wonderful bikes. Kim brought out his recently acquired TZR 3XV. It was a shame it threw a chain an hour plus from home! Sounds like not to much damage was done and we will be seeing it on the road again soon. Bruce also brought along his low mileage RG400. Those square fours make a wonderful sound. For those of you who are around over the holiday break if the weather is looking good I am sure some one will be heading out for a spin. See you at Manawatu Motorcycles, 9:00am sharp!

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