Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 Manawatu Classic Motorcycle Show

It doesn't seem like its been four years since the last show! But it has. The Manawatu Blue Haze was well represented alongside fellow VJMC members from Wellington. It was good to see Bruce arrive with his K and L Waterbuses. (We hear a J and and M are on the way as well!). Barry turned up with his treasured MVX250 (check out this bloggers reaction to seeing it) and Kenny Roberts RZ350 with Ross bringing his immaculate Blue H2 to round off the southern contribution. The local contribution consisted of Paul De Lautours H1c, Kim De Lautours RE5, Dions NS400R and KH400, Sir Als A7, Richs mighty T500, Daves CB750, Michaels GSX750 and Ross Andersons GPZ750 Turbo also joined the line up. In the room next door it was good to see Murray Cross had dug out his McIntosh and  GT750R and John McGegg had a really nice Honda XR500. It was great to see the Japanese bikes well represented amongst the VMX and Trials sections of the show. The many other British, American and Italian bikes of all ages made for a wonderful show. Amongst them was Ross Charltons  recently restored Triumph TR6 and he won the best 60s trophy with it. Congratulations Ross. Another congratulation needs to go to Michael for best Japanese at the show with his Suzuki GSX750. It really is better than factory new! Some of us had a second look on Sunday morning after the boot sale and then wandered off for a Track and Saddle ride to round off a great weekend. Our informal get together after the setting up on Friday at the Speights Ale House was short lived as our group was to big for the restaurant. Ian suggested Breakers just up the road and after some scepticism we headed up and were pleasantly surprised.  A good night was had by all. All and all a great show and a big thanks to the Manawatu Classic Motorcycle Club for running such a great show.

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