Saturday, April 4, 2015

Jawa Perak Training Motorcycle

Those of us in the Blue Haze are interested in all types of motorcycling, but we do have a bent for two strokes. Its not everyday Palmerston North is home to probably one of the rarest two stroke motorcycles in the world but you get to see it and hear it in action for the first time on the Blue Haze blog site! Warren and Stan Turner have been working on this 1954 Jawa Perak Type 11 Tutor training motorcycle for a while now because as you can imagine some parts are hard to find. They had it on show at the Manawatu Classic Motorcycle show at the end of last year and it created a lot of interest. Its great to see Warren encouraging the next generation of motorcyclists with his son taking the 'learner' role in the video!
Looking forward to seeing Warrens next restoration which is a Suzuki GT380. I am sure it is being done to same standard as this Jawa Perak. Congratulations to Warren and Stan for a job well done and keeping our motorcycle heritage alive and well!


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  2. That is crazy cool :)
    Man, guess the front end would be pretty light with no one up front?