Friday, November 27, 2015

Rongomai Loop with the Classics

I thought I might throw up this video and some photos from a few weeks ago when some of us popped out for another run with the Manawatu Classic Motorcycle Club. This was the weekend after the very successful rally and whilst the Rally ride was trouble free, this ride was far from that. It all started well with much cheer from the club meeting with reports about the success of the rally. The departure from the Vintage Car Club rooms went without a hitch, but unfortunately a couple of bikes didn't manage to make it to the bottom of the Pahiatua Track. Pauls Guzzi decided to spit the dummy with lots of loud bangs and a few puffs of smoke. A Trident didn't like the look of the track and made it clear to its owner that it wanted to go home. The run to Rongomai went without a hitch as did the run into Pahiatua. It was then the turn of a couple of BMWs to play up with a flat tyre and the other with a dodgy kill switch. The rest of the crew finally made it to the Ashhurst Inn for lunch, whilst a couple of others finally got to the Inn just in time to wave goodbye to everyone as they left for home!
It was a great run (well for most of us anyway), but if you are going to have problems this is definetly the sort of people you would want to be with!
See you out there!

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  1. Brilliant, love the video footage too, thanks heaps Gazza, great to have these posts to look back on :-)