Sunday, June 12, 2016

Team Blue Haze Racing!

Petrol. Check!

Getting into the zone


Tim had a good day to

At speed!

Race 2 was much better than 1

Another 10 kph with all these stickers, especially the front one!

Caption please!

Workshop Manager Kim

definetly looks the part
Still going strong! (Yes, the bike!)

Popped out to Manfield today to check out Team Blue Haze Racing! The second round of the Victoria Motorcycle  Club Winter Racing Series was on and Dion was out there doing it on his Honda NSR250. Alongside him was Tim on his Honda CBR600 with Kim acting as workshop manager! By the time i arrived at the track everyone each class had had a race. Dion was semi silent muttering under his breath something about petrol! Apparently his NSR is so highly tuned it only needs the occasional petrol fume to go fast. After discovering this was not so, the tank was 'topped up' and the next race went much better. It was great to see Dion out on the track giving it a go and judging by his reaction from the second race he was having a great time. It is certainly not as easy as it looks and us armchair racers have to admire those who go and do it.
The smell and sight of a two stroke was not confined to Team Blue Haze Racing as around the pits there were plenty of RG and KR 150s. These were doing sterling service giving many there first taste of racing. The other NSR on the track was Glen Skachill on a very quick NSR300. At the other end of the scale Rich turned up for a look/see on his 1969 Suzuki T200. It is still doing sterling service getting him to and from work on a daily basis. So there is plenty of life left in the old stink wheels for the foreseeable future!

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