Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Bit Cold and a Bit Windy but.....

Just got in from our end of month ride and as the title for the post suggests it was certainly a bit cold and a bit windy. The forecast indicated that rain should have been in the mix as well so having to put up with two out three challenging weather conditions turns the whole thing into a positive! In fact we enjoyed sunshine for our entire time and when we arrived at our favourite destination in Hunterville our positivity was reinforced further with a raging fire in our favourite cafe! What a treat. How cold was it? One of the locals arrived in town with his 4WD tray full of snow, and plenty more on the bumpers. Although the roads were certainly a bit damp on the outward part of the ride caution ensured that sphincter tightening moments were few and far between. By the time we had thawed out the wind had dried out the roads and so we took one of our backroad routes south through the wonderful Rangitikei countryside. The turnoff to Halcombe from State Highway 1 had us heading towards the Tararuas and home through the avenues of Cabbage trees. Mount Biggs was our last stop for a quick chat and farewells and then on to the warmth of home.

Bruce Sager had a great time on his re suspensioned TZR 250 which did a remarkable job in the windy conditions. Those power valves really do work. Bruce Andrews enjoyed all the work he has done on his re suspensioned VFR and was rather pleased it didn't rain. This meant he didn't have to go through the trauma of putting on his rain suit. (Watching him trying to put it on before we left had me regretting that I didn't video the procedure. I am sure it would win New Zealands Funniest Home Videos! He decided to give up in the end and chance it!) Sir Al had the H2 out for its first ride after  'surgery' on its internals and it seemed to pass its first test with flying colours. Ian rode his gleaming VX800 and was testing his new Givi box. Sir Al was questioning how well it was secured to the rack, but Ian very quickly revealed one way to use 1000 cable ties! As for myself on the XJ, it was another reliable run around our great motorcycling district and already looking forward to the next ride. It was another great ride to add to the memory banks with its mixture of mates, machines and countryside. Doing this on a motorcycle certainly makes the journey a more memorable one and makes one appreciate and enjoy some of the more important things in life!

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