Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Summer Days II.........

Sitting in front of the computer with the heater on or looking outside at yet another damp day, one casts ones mind back to those wonderful summer days when just about every weekend you could go riding with few concerns for adverse weather. Many of us took those opportunities and managed to spend a few hours wandering around our abundance of great motorcycling roads. This wandering seems to have the effect of making one hungry and thirsty, so a variety of eateries are also sampled along the way. Here is a selection of those summer wanderings!
First up was a quick squirt over the Pahiatua Track to the Bridge Cafe and good to have Barrys boy Danny along for the ride on his well used FZR 250. The homeward ride was over the Saddle Road.

Next was another wander around the Pohangina Valley that had us sitting in the Fusion Cafe enjoying some great food and refreshments!

Next was a wander down to Foxton due to inclement weather everywhere else and a great cuppa and Kai at the interestingly named Dutch Oven cafe! I got to have a ride on Sir Als H2. I was reminded how raw and torquey these beasts are. Great fun.

Next was a scoot around the Rangitikei with a stop off at Daves work. They make seed drilling machines and export them around the world. Fascinating technology that doesn't disturb the topsoil so crops are far more productive.

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