Sunday, January 1, 2017

First Ride of New Year 2017

A German, an Italian and 4 Japanese walk into a bar and ask the Barman: "Which is the quickest way to Hunterville?"
Barman: "Are you walking or do you have motorcycles?"
The Italian: "We have motorcycles"
Barman:" Ah well then, that's the quickest way!"

Or another combination would be 3 spoked wheeled vs 3 non-spoked wheeled bikes;
Or 3 smokers vs 3 four strokes;
Or 3 pre 1990's vs 3 more Moderns;
Actually we didn't walk into a bar,  we rode into Hunterville :-)

However you want to shake a stick at it, we were on a fun but mixed bunch of 2 wheeled road eating vehicles out to enjoy the First ride of the New Year, for the First ride of the month, on the First day of the month.

Forecast was for a chance of showers, but the wet stayed away and we enjoyed dry roads the whole time. Stuck to the usual back roads and before we knew it we were at Hunterville. Man, that went quick.

Enjoyed sitting outside at the cafe with our food and drink, and many chats later we heard the road calling to us again. A couple of motorcycle admirers took some photo snaps and chewed the ears off some of the guys, then it was time to depart.

Headed West out of Hunterville for a spirited ride mainly off the main roads had us quickly back in the Manawatu at Mt Biggs.  A quick yan before accepting the fact that good things must have an ending, we headed for home with some more memories locked away, to look back and remember sometime in the future.

Dion on his Aprilia and me on my GSXR (fairings currently off) were both very happy and impressed with our new bikes as today were their first decent ride out on a good number of twisties.
I can not wait for the next one!

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