Saturday, December 9, 2017

It’s all torque

Another stunning December day and little encouragement was needed for 6 keen riders to get together for a Sunday ride.

What was interesting was that it was all 4-strokes. Talk about torque! From the 70s there was Dave’s CB750 and John’s BMW 600, from the 80s Dave’s GSX1100, the 90s Ian’s VX and my VFR, and the modern was Graham’s Bonnie.

We headed up to Apiti via Pohangina East, and then to Rangiwahia around the ‘dress circle’. From Rangi it was through to Mangawheka where we stopped for a bite of lunch at the Papa Cliff Café.

Good kai and coffee, and a particularly good iced coffee!

After lunch we followed the Harley route (SH1) down to Hunterville, then to Halcome via our usual back roads and home by way of Dave’s to share a much appreciated ice cold beer. It doesn’t get any better than that; hundreds of corners, a dry road, a sunny day with a warm breeze, and good company. 

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