Friday, April 6, 2018

Reminiscing: March End of Month Ride

Vivs Kitchen in Sanson has become a favoured destination for the crew over the last few months. They have just done a refurbishment inside that has it looking more in theme for the fifties, sixties and probably seventies. The food definitely follows the theme as well and it looks as though many others are enjoying this bit of of nostalgia as the car park has always had plenty of vehicles in it when we visit. When one goes inside and scans for a place to sit, the clientele are definitely of a certain demographic that looks somewhat like the Blue Haze, so we are certainly lucky to have such a fitting destination available. It was an easy choice for us to make for our March EoMR
The gathering at Manawatu Motorcycles saw between four and five on the run. Dion proved to be a 'flexible' participant in the ride, depending on his temperament and his bikes. His original intention was to see us off and then go home and paint a picket fence! That plan lasted for all of five seconds as we followed him home in his car to pick up his bike. After pinching some lawnmower petrol he got his RS 250 Aprilia moving only to be stumped by the Rangitikei St rail overbridge. (all of 500m from home!). We left him pushing his bike back home and the rest of us carried on our way. Out front was Ian on his VX800, with Rich on the 50K still on standard pistons T500M, Kim on his NSR 21 and yours truly on the XJ750. Thank goodness Kim and especially Rich were with us to provide our signature departure of 'haze' from the town boundary as we took the long way to Vivs Kitchen.
 We followed our usual route out through Bunnythorpe, Colyton and skirted the Feilding town boundary. Makino road took us out towards the Rangitikei river, Stanway and the turnoff at Kakariki. From there it was a short ride through a lovely mixture of a few twisties and some open stretches that had us arriving at Ohakeha in no time at all. Vivs Kitchen was then a short run down the road. By this stage Dion had arrived after sorting out his RS and giving it a good blast!
After a good feed and soaking up of some nostalgia we visited one more place in Sanson. The second hand bookstore. A very dangerous place that saw my backpack choker with motorcycle magazines and the shopkeeper smiling through Kims comments on the 'special' book selection behind the counter! It was a great morning out and about on our classic bikes and having some classic food. To top it off we went to a place that is also gaining classic status; a book shop! I have certainly been enjoying my magazines with a bit of reminiscing and looking forward to some time in the garage and our next ride.

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