Friday, June 8, 2018

Having a go! Manfield Track Day

Motorcycling has so many dimensions to it that when one starts feeling a little to “familiar” with one aspect their is always something else to have a go at. It has been interesting to see how some members of our group have developed an on going interest in getting out on the track to enjoy their motorcycling and two stroke motorcycles. Track days provide a great introduction to this and it was with great interest we popped over to Manfeild to catch up with Ian and Dion who were making the most of the Central Districts Touring Clubs track day. For Dion it was an opportunity to do some sorting out on his NSR and for Ian it was his first time on a race track. For me it was the first track day I had been along to and it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought it was a laid back cruise around the track alongside some occasional friendly competition. How wrong I was! The four groups were organised from fastish through to bloody fast and the bloody fast group were really full on with some really intense racing riding! Everyone was having a great time.

Dion and Ian had set themselves up in a nice posey next to a like minded group of fellow two stroke and classic bike riders. The machines ranged from a Honda CB350 based racer to a track only stripped down RGV 250. ‘Mike’ from the Hutt Valley was their on his beautifully turned out Yamaha TR1. He also brought along his Yamaha DS6 for a spin. A very unusual sight these days! There was plenty to see going for a wander around the pits with one of the more interesting bikes being a Bimota Tesi.

Dion was using the track day for testing his bike after a few modifications and it didn’t end well with the modification seizing up and tipping him on to the track. This resulted in a a few bruises, scrapes and choice words. Dions wife wasn't impressed when she turned up and found a battered bike and no Dion in sight! It was a great way to spend a few hours and you never know, I might give it a go one day!

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  1. Awesome Gary. Thanks for that. I didn't realise you got a bit of me on the track, much appreciated :) If you have any more, would love to see it all, cheers, Ian