Sunday, August 12, 2018

More videos and photos from the 2018 Manawatu Classic Motor Cycle show.

A wander through the rest of the show certainly provides a convincing picture of  the health of the motorcycle scene in the Manawatu and beyond. The two halls were littered with machines for all sorts of motorcycling interests. One concern for those of us into our heritage motorcycles is who  the next lot of heritage motorcyclists are? Our young people live in a complex world that demands there attention in so many different ways, so it was great to see evidence of younger enthusiasts (as well as young at heart as well of course!) interest in motorcycling in different parts of the show. The fact that the increasing value of classic motorcycles is going the same way as our housing prices is a concern. So it was great to see young people coming up with solutions to pursue there interest by getting into smaller capacity machines like scooters and step thrus. We have all been there, and seeing BBJ (Bantam Boy John) in front of an impressive row of said bikes, it is a real reminder about how important these smaller bikes are in the scheme of things. It is something us Blue Hazers might need to encourage with a couple of tiddler runs a year?
If you want to see who the winners of the different categories, pop over to the Manawatu Classic Motor Cycle Clubs website
A great show and once again a big thank you to the Classic club for organising it and thanks to the people who contributed there bikes and finally to the public for coming along!

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