Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spoilt For Choice

Met the classic lads at the Feilding Railway Station
Our bikes became a part of the display

Simons Kawasaki GPz 750 A3

Takes one back!
Paul De Lautour had one of these

..and now he has one of these
Spent many miles sitting in the back of one of these!
The company Suzuki 'borrowed' ideas from!
2 cylinders, 6 litres and 38hp
The ultimate 60s holiday setup
For Dion

The motorcycling season is well under way with last weekend providing a great range of destinations for a ride. The Whanganui Speed show looked really interesting with a range of interesting boats, cars and motorcycles on show. Manfield had a day of motorcycle racing run by the Vic Club and to top it all off Levin had an Early Transport show on that was worth a visit as well. Of course this all tied in with the beginning of daylight saving so we had a whole 'extra' hour to play with. To celebrate we decided to shift our departure time to 9:00 am so compared to last weekends time we were actually a whole hour earlier. It certainly felt like it waking up that morning and as we assembled at Manawatu Motorcycles Simon turned up from Paraparamu for his first ride out with us. Welcome aboard and a great effort considering the distance he came. Paul turned up on his trusty GT750, with Dion on his now crank sealed KH400, Al on the ever reliable A7 and myself on the XJ. A quick discussion had us heading out towards Ashurst with a quick run around the back of Colyton to meet the Classic lads at the Feilding Railway Station. A quick show of hands as to our destination had us heading out of Feilding to towards Awahuri and onwards around the back roads to our one and only stop at Shannon. After a brief stop we headed on down to Levin and we were ushered through the entrance to become a part of the display in the show. Cool. There was some great machinery on display and the various Horowhenua clubs involved are to be congratulated for putting a great show together. We spent a couple of hours wandering around and after watching the world record being broken for assembling a Model T Ford we headed back home with a stop off at The Old Plum Duff Tearooms in Shannon for a cuppa and a chat. Thanks to the Classic club for letting us tag along. A great way to enjoy a Sunday morning.

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  1. What about the 1968 Yamaha DT1 250 on display at the show?