Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hampton Downes Barry Sheene Classic 2012

Labour weekend this year saw me staying home whilst some of the crew decided to get out and about. Despite the lousy weather forecast Dion and Kim put on their wets and mounted their trusty steeds and headed for the Trans Tasman Barry Sheene Classic bike weekend at Hampton Downes. Paul De Lautour was already up their with alan who was giving his RG500 a bit of a spin that weekend as well. They made it to their digs in Rotorua with out to much bother, but the 1 hour trip over tho Hampton Downes on the Sunday was another matter. As you can see from Kims photos it was wet and windy. Kim managed to snap a lot of the bikes in the pits, and what a great gathering of bikes it was. The classics were great, but the lads were really impressed with the number of post classic bikes racing. A big thanks to Kim for the great photos.
If you want to see more detailed photos check them out here

PS. Here something a bit different that caught Kims eye. A Suzuki 500 triple. Based on a GT 380 but uses Suzuki 315 pistons and has H1 heads! Cool

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