Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Classics at Manfield

A few weeks ago some of the troops decided on a run around the Rangitikei countryside with the ultimate destination being Manfield. The New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register, along with the New Zealand Post Classic Racing Association run this meeting at this time each year. We headed out from Manawatu Motorcycles on our ride around 9ish into a showery morning looking forward to a growing number of sunny patches. We had decided on a run out to Ashhurst and back along Valley road to Colyton. The damp road required a bit of restraint as we then headed around the back of Feilding to our first stop at the Stanway hall. After a run through Halcombe and Mount Biggs we arrived at a very sunny and dry Manfield. It was great to soak in the smells, sights and sounds of these bikes as we headed for our first stop at the track; the hot dog stand! It was a bit of shock as the price of hot dog had gone up to $3.50, but Richard our resident hot dog connoisseur still bought two as he reckons they are the best hot dogs in the world! (Its all to do with the batter apparently) After refreshing and refuelling the inner self a wander around the pits revealed some interesting bikes. Some well turned out Nortons, Triumphs, Rudges, BSAs, NSUs, Harleys etc of the four stroke variety, but amongst them some interesting two strokes. Its the first time I have seen a Maico kitted out for the track along with some Benellis,CZs, and a 125cc Cagiva. Amongst the posties were the usual GSs, Zeds, FZs, ZXRs and a TZ along with Alan De Lautours RG500. I never tire of that wonderful two stroke square four sound and seeing these bikes out on the track is a real treat for us "Stinkies'. It was also a treat to see Roger Hintons (Levin Motorcycle Centre) Walter Wolf RG500 out and about and looking forward to them coming out on a run with us. Mention also needs to be made of one Alans greatest supporters "GSXR Bernard" It is no problem for him to ride down from New Plymouth for the afternoon to show his support and then ride back home again. On our way out I spied a couple of really neat customised Honda CB750s. They looked as though they were on tour. Cool! It was a great way to spend a few hours of a Sunday and definitely whets the appetite for racing and more riding this summer.

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