Friday, April 5, 2013

A Golden Summer Part 1

 It is interesting looking back over the past few months and realising what a golden summer we have had for those of us who enjoy getting out and about on our motorcycles. It was a busy time for me on the domestic front but I still manged to spend more than a few hours enjoying my older motorcycles with like minded people. I have put together a few photos and words from some of the rides and will post these as I find the time. This is to encourage you to get out there and ride when you can and with the long nights approaching making sure you have some quality shed time restoring an older motorcycle.


These photos are from one of our favourite loop rides that takes us up to Apiti via the Pohangina Valley and back through Kimbolton and home. Our usual watering hole at Kimbolton was closed so we headed down the rode to Feilding for a cuppa. I dragged out the mighty KH250 for its first time around the loop. I have always been abit apprehensive as it is a long way between petrol stations for the baby triple as it has to work hard in the for much of the run. A fill at Ashhurst was enough to get me around to Feilding where I filled it up again with a whole 2 litres to spare! 33mpg! Might be time to do the top end me thinks. Dions KH400 went like clockwork and the extra cubes definetly help. Alan brought along his trusty A7 and one has to wonder at why this motor was ditched in favour of these smaller triples. Bruce Sagger brought out his latest purchase for a spin, a Honda VF750. It is a very impressive bike. So much so, Bruce Andrews has traded his RZ350 for it and purchased it off Bruce. He absolutely loves it. These 1980s Honda V4s are very underatted bikes that are very good buying at the moment, so if you are wanting to get into the Classic Japanese bikes they are a budget way in at the moment. Check out Trademe. Kim came along on his RZ250 that always impresses with its power handling and economy.

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