Monday, April 1, 2013

Bunny Hunting. Blue Haze VJMC Easter 2013 Ride Out

A great day for the hunt!
The Yamaha R1 a modern classic
Suzukis TS/ER 185s. A NZ  Japanese Classic
Enjoying the sun in Pahiatu. 
80s classic meets 90s classic.
Bryans ER185 had no problems keeping up!
Line up at the cafe
Dave won most original at the Raukawa Falls Classic Rally recently 
The Bunnies don't stand a chance next year!
Ballance Bridge Cafe. Recommended

Easter Sunday is the day many people over indulge in chocolate with consequences to the individual and society as a whole. This is contributing to the obesity epidemic in New Zealand so we thought we might do our bit for this cause by reducing the number of Easter Bunnies and therefore reduce the number of eggs distributed. The plan was very simple. We were going to smoke them out of there hiding places with the two strokes and then the four strokes were going to run them down. Eight hardy souls turned up to do there duty for Queen and Country outside Manawatu Motorcycles on Sunday. The roll call was
Alan Clark - Kawasaki A7 (Smoker)
Dion Tornquist - Suzuki RG400 (Smoker)
Bryan Cresswell - Suzuki ER185 (Smoker)
Tim Kendall - Yamaha R1 (Chaser, especially for the very fast Bunnies)
Bruce Sagger - Yamaha RZ350 (Smoker)
Dave Robinson - Honda CB750 (Chaser)
Richard Kerr - Suzuki T500 (Smoker)
Gary Whiting - Yamaha XJ750 (Chaser)
Intelligence had reported sightings in the Tararua district around Rongomai so we set off making our way over the Pahiatua Track to our first stop at Mangamaire where a discussion and brief reconnaissance revealed no signs of bunnies. We pushed on to the Rongomai turnoff with eyes scanning the countryside for any signs. I don't think the lads were giving the hunt the attention needed as they were to busy enjoying the Mangaone Valley Rd with its wonderful variety of open and tight corners. We then came to our next stop in Pahiatua and decided to give up on the hunt due to parched mouths and rumbling tummies so made our way to the Ballance Bridge Cafe to evaluate our lack of hunting success. We should have made more use of Bryans ER185s dirt attributes and we will encourage Tim to fit knoblies to his R1 (his tyres were looking a little bit worn)to follow up Bryan as he smokes them out from the road edges. Looks like the Bunnies are safe for another year, but in the mean time we will work on even more stratergies that will require many rides into the country to gather intelligence and cafe stops to discuss tactics for next years hunt! Roll on Easter 2014.

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