Saturday, October 11, 2014

Are the 80s the New 70s?

Five of the lads went out for a spin last weekend and an interesting observation from one of the participants was that he had the only seventies bike amongst them. It is inevitable that as time moves on the pool of classic motorcycles grows and with a widely accepted definition of a classic being 25 to 30 years + all these bikes fit the criteria. The good news is that one can still pick up some of these bikes at relatively good price at the moment so hopefully the pool of classic enthusiasts will grow. With the proposed reforms of the vehicle registration system seeing New Zealand following overseas standards the  40 year old + 'vintage' registration will become 30 years. This should see even more interest in the 80s bikes.
Dion and Kim have been beavering away sorting out an RG400 and the arrival of the plastics has put the final touches on the project. Dion had his NS out for an airing whilst Bruce has his VFR plastics back from the painter in a lovely pearl white. Ian and Al were the 'twins' with Ian out enjoying his GS450 and Sir Al had the only chromy amongst them with his A7. By all accounts it was a great ride over the track with the coffee stop at the Bridge Cafe being a great intermission.
A big thank you to Ian for the photos.

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