Friday, October 17, 2014

Three Kawasaki H2s out for a Spin

Last Sunday mornings ride was special. It wasn't so much the 1:3 two stroke to four stroke ratio, but having three H2s on the road together at the same time. Paul De Lautour, Kim De Lautour and Sir Al had there H2s lined up outside Manawatu Motorcycles under a windless and sunny spring sky. Alongside him was a mixture of other makes and models. It was great to see Bruce on his Yamaha 3MA. A bike he has been working on for a while now. It certainly has a sound all of its own and also out for a spin was Dion on the recently restored Suzuki Rg400 with Richard carrying the 70s Suzuki two stroke flag on his now sweet running T500. Ian brought out his Suzuki GS450  with my Yamaha XJ750 being the other 'token' four stroke. A ride over the track and out to Hopelands at the back of Woodville was the chosen route. Coffee stop was to be Danniverke and a return home along Topgrass Road and over the Saddle. The bottom of the Pahiatua Track was greeted with a low lying dense mist as three H2s, an Rg400 and 3MA opened up. Those of us at the rear of this peculiar localised phenomenon were pleased our headlights were already on as we made our way up the track with the peculiar haze clearing half way up the track. It was then on to Pahiatua and north to Mangatainoka and a hard left out towards Hopelands. After a bit of wandering around through some lovely country we arrived back out on the main drag and on up into Dannivegas for a cuppa. The return through Topgrass was definitely more interesting than State Highway Two with our next stop being Ashhurst after a spirited ride over the Saddle Road. They are certainly doing a lot of work upgrading the western side of the Saddle Road with Kim bemoaning "They are taking away our corners!" The surface is definitely going to be much improved and when the Manawatu Gorge is out of action next time it will certainly make a big difference.
It was definitely a great morning out and about on the old bikes. There were a whole host of sights,  sounds and smells that you can carry in your memory as you get on with the rest of your life and then looking forward to the next time you can do it all again!

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