Monday, February 26, 2018

Shannon Car Show

Heritage vehicles are an interest for many if Shannons car show Sunday a week ago is anything to go by. What started out as an interesting destination for a cuppa turned into a vehicle heritage feast that was a pleasure to dine on! This is certainly going to be entered into the calendar for next year.
A group of us gathered at the usual departure point on Sunday morning with no idea as to destination that morning. The suggestion to head  to the Shannon show was well received so we made our departure to the south via our usual route via Lockwood Road, Main Drain, Himatangi Block Road and finally Foxton Shannon Road. Race replicas made up half the group with Dion on his Aprilia RS250, Kim on the sparkling Rothmans NC18 Honda  and Bruce S on his GSXR 400. Making up the rest of the group was Ian on his VX800, Sir Al on his VFR800 and yours truly on the XJ750. The run down wasn't to hectic with our arrival in town being as per usual with a steady stream of traffic heading north and south. Coming around the corner past the Honda shop was a wonderful surprise. The rumble of V8s could be easily heard and the sight of static cars and people streaming around the usual placid domain was a sight to behold. We very quickly got into the nostalgia zone as we walked passed a whole variety of vehicles from our youth and childhood. Cortina, Kingswood, Monaro, Pacer, were words being bandied around amongst the crew and crowd as we made our way through the lines of vehicles. It was certainly a great way for the various car clubs to share their interests but also the exposure would be good for recruitment. The number of younger people in attendance was pleasing to see as many in the heritage area know that the average age in there clubs/groups is rising.
After spending way more time than intended we decided to head downtown to one of the cafes for food and refreshments. It was a short run back to town but a satisfying one with next years date already on the calendar!

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