Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sir Als New Big Horn Engine Starting Technique

It is pleasing to to see how enterprising and inventive heritage motorcyclists can be. Sir Al has been having some worrying starting issues with his Bighorn and he has recently developed his best solution so far. It is called the MPSS which has proved very effective. The scene where this technique was observed was the Manawatu Classic Motorcycle Clubs annual summer BBQ in January that left for the ride to Mikes place for the BBQ from the Ashhurst Inn. MPSS stands for Mates Push Start System with the added bonus that your mates get a minor gymn workout at the same time! I am pleased to report the Bighorn caused no more problems after this technique was applied. The ride and BBQ were excellent with the only incident being a minor BBQ fire that had the potential to not only burn our sausages and steak, but issue an urgent invite to the Feilding Fire Brigade. Luckily Mike was on to it and he snuffed out the flames before the bangers and steak went from the singed to the burnt stage. Thanks for a great BBQ!

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