Monday, March 12, 2018

Ghost Riders

Our February end of month ride has been and gone. Warren probably summed it up best as the the Ghost Riders ride. Being a spiritual sort of day and Warren a spiritual kind of guy, he reckoned he could feel a whole lot of others with us who were unable to be there in person. The three of us + 'others' had a great little wander around the back of Feilding with a stop at Stanway and then on to Vivs Kitchen in Sanson. They have now sold over 86 thousand cream horns which is apparently a good thing. Think of all that extra cholestrol in the community. It was great chugging along behind the burble of the T500 and the cackle of the 380 chambers. Some very pleasant Sunday sounds and two stroke smells. Looking forward to my T500 being able to contribute to this symphony. Rather than a duet it will be a trio shortly! Hopefully it will be even larger ensemble for next months EoMR and fewer Ghost Riders?

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