Tuesday, September 29, 2015

27 September 2015 End of Month Ride

Sons of Anarchy Wannabe
There was a good turnout for the Blue Haze EOM September ride last Sunday. The Levin Car Show was on and we decided to take a leisurely ride down via Shannon. There were four 2-strokes and four 4-strokes. From the 70’s; Kawasaki H2a & A7 and Suzuki T500. From the 80’s; Honda VFR750 & NS400R, and Suzuki GS650 Café Racer & GSX1100. And from the 90’s; FZR1000 EXUP.

Line up of our bikes at the Museum Cafe, south of Shannon.

We stopped off at the museum Café for a coffee on the way down, arriving at the show mid-morning. American muscle car heaven would best describe the show. There were a few bikes in the show and a lot parked up like us, with Milwaukie Iron particularly well represented. Bruce, Rich, and I were the only riders wearing HiViz in a 10 mile radius. Black leather was definitely the look. Our token Bogan (Ian) was like a pig in mud, especially when he saw the Chrysler Valients! Dion saw more Leyland P76s than anyone else. Bruce thought there were more Bogans per square mile than anywhere in the Southern hemisphere – although we kept that fact to ourselves. The quality and quantity of the restored cars was impressive. 

Hotrod show in Levin.

We eventually re-grouped and decided to make our way home. We stopped at Shannon for a quick lunch and arrived back in Palmerston North around 3 o’clock. An enjoyable day and something a bit different from our normal rides. Bikes went well. Rich had some gearbox noise in 5th on the T500 prior to our first stop, which wasn’t heard once we started back on the road. Ian’s Café 650 was out for its first longish ride after some gearbox fettling and went well with the exception some throttle drag which has since been fixed. I was pleased to give the Avenger a run as I’ve changed 2-stroke oil and hoping for a bit less smoke (although the traffic behind did disappear from view as we left town). 

Late lunch back at Shannon.

Post by Alan + Photos by Ian

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