Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Strokers and Shafts to Hooterville

The weather forecast for the weekend was looking a bit iffy during the week, but by 10:00am Sunday morning a group of eight individuals fronted up to Manawatu Motorcycles for our August end of month ride out.  The precipitation was threatening but not enough to put us off for a wander up the Rangitikei to Huntreville to sample the delights at one of our favourite cafes. We were treated to a few drops of H2O as we left town and headed out towards Bunnythorpe, through Colyton and to our first stop at Cheltnham. It was great having Paul along on his Moto Guzzi 1000 Le Mans with its v twin bellow alongside Johns immaculate BMW 600 that just purrs along up the road. Ian was giving his GS450s another airing with its two into one exhaust bellowing out that lovely parallel twin sound. It was good to hear Richards T500 burble its way up the road in its usual unfused manner and then not to to far in front of him was Kim on the RG400 that had that other lovely Suzuki square four burble. The only other two stroke sound came from Dion on his ever faithful TZR. The inline four sounds were provided by Michael on his immaculate GSX750 whilst my ever trusty XJ750 rounded out motorcycle orchestra. The trip up to Vinegar Hill was cautious as the road was still damp in places from recent rain, but the pace was enough to enjoy the wonderful scenery along the way. All to soon we were parked up outside our refreshment spot where major purchasing decisions had to be made about the personal consumption of food and beverages. It was just as well the two Brucies were absent as the food cabinet contained only one raspberry custard square. If they had both been there the resolution of this problem would have been fascinating. We hear custard square politics are a serious matter and nations may one day go to war over them! After a good feed and watering along with solving all the worlds most serious problems through talking about motorcycles we headed home via all the backroads that run parallel to State Highway One. It was then off to Halcombe and through to Mount Stewart and then home. It was a great run and a great way to farewell winter and with all those daffodils everywhere spring has definitely sprung.
See you out there

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  1. Great write up and video Gazza!
    It was great to have you back on the rides :-)