Sunday, September 13, 2015

Around the Block via Rongomai

What to do with with a fine spring morning? Mow the lawn? Weed the garden? Nah.
"Just off around the block for a quick ride dear" "Won't be long". Might as well swing by Manawatu Motorcycles to see if any one else has a similar idea. Low and behold four other like minded  individuals were there raring to go! The bike roll looked rather limited with two Kawasaki H2s and three Yamahas present. Not a Suzuki or Honda in sight. The De Lautours had the Kawasakis covered, whilst Bruce took care of the two stroke Yamaha representation with his RZ350 whilst Michael and I the four strokes with my XJ750 and Michaels recently acquired FZ1000. He got it for the 'right price' as it was misbehaving itself so Michael was going for a spin around the block to see if he had resolved a few issues. More on that later. It was great to see Paul out on his splendid H2 and it certainly shone in the spring sunshine, whilst Kim was giving his H2 an overdue outing. A decision was quickly made to head east over to Rongomai and back up Mangaone Road to Pahiatua and then on to the Bridge Cafe for some food and refreshments. The trip over the Pahiatua Track was at a good pace that allowed us to take in a few changes to the landscape as we made our way up. Looks like some one is cashing in the pine trees which have been an important part of the track experience for many years. Should mean less damp spots on some great corners! The run down the other side was uneventful and before you knew it we were turning off for the run through to Mangamaire. This is where Michaels FZ decided to misbehave and after the rerouting of the fuel pipe from the petrol pump we were underway again. Michael decided on a cautious approach to the FZ was in order so he decided to make his 'block' smaller by heading directly to Pahiatua and the rest of us headed to Rongomai. This is a great road, but for some the great is conditional. Last time we went through here we followed in the 'hof steps' of a herd of cows being shifted from one farm to another. The debris from that ride is now the benchmark for a shitty ride! This time it was of no concern and we had a ball bend swinging all the way to Pahiatua. After a quick catching of breath we were on our way again heading towards Ballance Bridge. On our arrival at the Bridge Cafe we spotted Michaels FZ in car park and he had grabbed us one of the prime tables outside. Just as well as the place was really busy with people out enjoying the magnificent weather. All to soon we had to finish our ride around the 'block' and head home to lawns and gardens.
It was a great ride around the block and I have just checked the long range forecast, and guess what? Next Sunday is looking like I may need to pop out for another 'quick ride around the block'

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